Give Yourself the Gift of Quality Rest

By Website Admin | April 26, 2018

The Body Craves Quality Sleep

Ever hear the expression “slept like a baby?” Of course you have. The phrase conjures up visions of an infant sleeping peacefully and safely. Why aren’t you enjoying that blissful state of perfect sleep each night?

Let us count the ways: worries about work, children and/or parents, finding/keeping a job. There are many stresses that keep you from falling asleep or that interrupt sleep that are, to a certain extent, out of your control.

However, not sleeping well is itself a serious source of stress and discomfort during the day. Even worse, restless or sleepless nights tend to pile up over time, leaving you feeling exhausted, on edge and, let’s face it—crabby as a toddler who’s missed his nap.

Getting a great night’s sleep in a cozy, comfortable bed, on the other hand, lets you wake up refreshed and ready to face anything with a clear head.

“Sleep Hygiene”

Let’s start with good sleep hygiene. Experts agree that having a set bedtime each night can go a long way toward promoting good sleep habits. Isn’t that how we train babies?

According to the American Psychological Association’s sleep psychologists, keeping a regular sleep schedule even on weekends is part of good sleep hygiene.

Dr. Lawrence J. Epstein, co-author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep, gives these tips for better sleep:

  • Create a comfortable sleep environment.
  • Do relaxing activities before bed such as reading.
  • Establish a routine.
  • Follow your body’s cues—not necessarily the clock.

When trying to find the best foundation for a great night’s sleep, the first place to look is literally right beneath you: your bed. Specifically, your mattress. Over time, any mattress loses its original quality of sleep surface, affecting your rest as well as causing back pain and other kinds of discomfort.

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Reward your body and mind with a gift that keeps on giving – better sleep night after relaxing night. You’ve earned it!

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