Everyone Deserves a Great Night’s Sleep

By Website Admin | March 25, 2015

. . . And Now Everyone Can Afford It!

“Sweet dreams” is a phrase we often hear associated with blissful sleep. But what if your dreams turn into living nightmares due to an uncomfortable mattress? Or even postponed due to insomnia from a failure to find just the right sleeping position?

That’s where The Mattress Factory Outlet comes in. We make restorative sleep on quality bedding affordable for everyone. And you won’t need a second mortgage to finance your new bed.

Sleep: As Necessary to Survival as Food

It would make more sense—though less pleasant sounding—to say, “achieve REM sleep to rejuvenate,” because that’s exactly why daily (nightly) restful sleep is so important. Overnight, your brain and bodily systems are recharging, releasing vital hormones (include growth hormones). Cells are reproducing and rejuvenating.

Researchers have also found that “deposits” are being made to our memory banks, as short-term memories become processed and moved to long-term storage. During all this activity, body functions such as pulse, temperature and blood pressure slow down so these vital systems rest and recharge as well.

Sleep Deprivation Can Be Hazardous

When deprived of sleep long enough, a feeling that new parents are all-too-familiar with, our bodies can just conk out and fall “dead asleep” (think long-haul truckers). There’s no avoiding it.

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, whether a medical student, new mom of multiples, or even firefighters on the front lines of wildfires, to not only survive, but to perform well and ultimately thrive in life.

The main problem so many people face is this. Quality sleep surfaces can be very pricey!

That’s the idea behind The Mattress Factory Outlet. Because our mattresses are made by a single 120-year old established manufacturer, we can guarantee consistent quality of materials and manufacturing. And we sell to you direct: no fancy showroom overhead, marketing budget or middleman, and no upcharges for a designer’s name or “iconic brand” on the labeling.

These are the same mattresses and box springs that are made for a top American resort hotel chain for their quality rooms and luxury suites. (Sorry, we can’t tell you here, but stop by our outlets in Seabrook, Stratham, or Portsmouth, and we’ll give you a hint.)

The Better Sleep Solution

Soaring bills keeping you tossing and turning? No need for that if you shop at The Mattress Factory Outlet. Because our prices are so low, you can skip the financing—and the interest that piles up over time.

The result? a brand-new mattress set you can feel good about buying and sleeping blissfully in without worrying about the bill that’s still due on it.

Sweet dreams!

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