About The Mattress Factory Outlet

Improving the Mattress Business for Every Body

Jay Cronin has worked in the mattress industry from the age of 19. He’s learned a lot about how mattresses are manufactured, priced and marketed to the public. He became concerned with the marketing and sales tactics used by some of the major brand mattress makers.

He witnessed how oftentimes the exact same mattress sets are priced differently at retail depending on the market or type of store. He also saw how brand name mattresses sold in “deep discount” or “wholesale to the public” stores were of lower quality materials and construction than their counterparts sold at popular furniture stores.

With sleep being so important to better health, Jay decided to make premium quality bedding available to more people by making it affordable. It didn’t seem right that some of the people who really need a good night’s rest had to settle for lower quality mattresses to fit their budget. Or, if they were determined to invest in better sleep, they would have to finance their mattress purchases. This is just wrong, so The Mattress Factory Outlet has done something about it!

Now, better sleep is affordable to more people at The Mattress Factory Outlet!