3 Questions to Ask about Your New Mattress

By Chuck Sink | July 16, 2018

Clearly, we all want comfort and a great night’s sleep. Comfort is king (and queen) in the mattress business. A comfortable bed helps you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Therefore, you want a bed set that suits your comfort preferences; one you can sink into each night or be firmly supported by, knowing that you’ll awaken rested, refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

You also want durability and consistency in manufacturing, so you don’t settle into your bed some night and find it feeling lumpy, or discover it’s sagging or worn out in 2 or 3 years.

Then we come to the bottom line: how much does it cost? If you knew you could purchase a premium mattress from a factory direct outlet with the comfort and features you love at a much lower cost, wouldn’t you do it?

That’s where The Mattress Factory Outlet comes in. Conveniently located in Seabrook, Stratham and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our no-frills stores are clean, comfortable and feature only mattress sets and a few accessories. Keeping it simple helps keep our costs down too.

Surely, as a consumer, it makes sense to shop comparatively and we encourage our customers to do so because the right mattress is important to your quality of life. So, here’s a quick primer on shopping for a new mattress set and it starts with three key questions.

Who manufactured it?

The Mattress Factory Outlet’s single manufacturing partner has been producing premium bedding for over 130 years. Their beds are featured at one of America’s premier resort hotel chains. Their focus and ours is making a good night’s sleep more affordable for everyone.

Where was it made?

Right here in the USA, Pennsylvania to be exact. Our customers receive factory fresh mattresses and foundations right in our stores shipped directly from the manufacturer with no middlemen getting in the way to drive up prices.

What’s the actual quality rating of the mattress I’m buying?

You can see the precise manufacturing details of all our mattresses right on our website, along with the unbeatable price! Plus we’re always happy to explain things in person at our stores.

Because our single focus is making a good night’s sleep more affordable for everyone, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value on the best mattress that you can afford. That means true outlet prices because we sell manufacturer-direct to you and have very low overhead (no fancy showroom or pricey brand marketing campaign). In other words, our prices are much lower because our costs are much lower.

The best thing to know is our mattresses aren’t knock-offs or flimsy imitations. We offer more than 20 quality queen sets from only $199 – $999, and these are premium mattresses, some models featured in a premium hotel chain and built to last.

Take The Mattress Quality Challenge!

Experts agree: “Rely on a pro,” says the Better Sleep Council, while Spine-Health.com says to shop for a new mattress at a store that specializes in them. Wear comfortable clothing you can move around in, then try several mattresses to find the best fit for you.

In short, at The Mattress Factory Outlet, you can afford a much better mattress set for everyone in your family at factory-direct prices. Go to our website—TheMattressFactoryOutlet.com—to compare the cost of our mattresses to theirs. PSST! Look for the coupon with an extra $100 value while you’re there. For our customers, making better sleep affordable is priceless!

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